LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ PLUS SCIR 20 mm 9 Wall X-Structure Polycarbonate


Coated UV Resistant, Durable & Lightweight@2.8 kg/m² Multi Wall Sheet

LEXAN THERMOCLEAR SCIR 20 mm 9 Wall X-Structure Sheet

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ Solar Control IR 20 mm is a 9X Wall Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Sheet.

It is Lightweight with 2.8 kg/m² & has an Advanced Solar Control Infra Red Material Technology that Blocks More than 30% IR thus Reducing Low Solar Transmission
Furthermore, The Material Technology will Assist in delaying the Heat Build Up Inside the Room or Building

Meanwhile, LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ SCIR 2UVIR209X28 9X Wall offers U Value of 1.59W/m² K.

U-Value is a Measurement of Heat Transfer. It is Expressed in W/m² Kelvin.
It Calculates the Amount of Heat Transfer in Watts (W) per meter Square

The Lower the U Value, The Lesser the Heat Transfer Through the Multi-Wall Sheet or Known as Heat Insulation/ Lesser Heat

A Clear LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ SCIR 20 mm allows 37% Light Transmission
It Features a Unique 2 Side Proprietary Surface Coating Designed to Protect the Sheet against the Degrading Effects of Ultra-Violet Radiation & Acid Rain in Outdoor Weather.

The 2 Side Coating Help Ensure Long-Term High Light Transmission against Outdoor Weathering and Minimize Installation Mistake Costs.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ SCIR offers Diffuser Visual Effect & Hides those Annoying Dust or Dirt while allowing Natural Daylight to Pass-Through. It also offers High Stiffness & Flat when Installed. Please refer to the Technical Guide for Wind Load Calculation

This Mutli-Wall Sheet also Reduces Glare from the Sun Light & Does Not Produce Magnifying Glass Effect from Clear Glass or Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Standard Color Available, SCIR Natural Green: GN8B038T
Custom Color, High MOQ for Project Basis: SCIR Dark Green, SCIR Grey & SCIR Blue

Thermoclear SCIR 20 mm 9X Wall Stocks Not Available. Pre-Order with MOQ

20 mm Thermoclear Suggested Structure Size is 1800 mm x 2700 mm

The Calculation Applied to Maximum Building Height Up to 8 meters ( 26.25 feet)
Wind Loading based on 600 N/m², Maximum Strong Wind & Near Storm Level

Size of Metal Structure, Supporting 4 Side

= 1800 mm width x 2700 mm length.

The Above is the Maximum Size & No Sagging / Wavy Appearance
The 20 mm 9X Wall Polycarbonate Sheet Remain Flat

If The Structural Size goes Beyond the Recommended Size, The Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet Will Sag & Wind Loading will Fail

Important Accessories

a) Advanced Anti Dust Tape:
- to Allow Condensation Water to Flow Out
- Prevent Dust or Insects from Entering the MWS
- thus No Algae or Moss will Grow
b) Custom Design Anti Dust Tape Capping to Protect & Prolong the Life of Anti Dust Tape. Available in Malaysia
- PSP10 ( for 10 mm MWS )
- PSP16 ( for 16 mm MWS )
c) Weatherable Tape, to Prevent Water Sipping into the Anti Dust Tape Capping
d) Custom Design PSP501 Clamping. Width Designed for Good Clamping
e) Custom Design PSP502 / 504 Cover Clamping.
- Cover of Assembly Screws for Aesthetic
- Reduce Water Sipping though Screw Holes
f) Custom Design PSP503 Rubber Profile. Long-Lasting Rubber for Clamping MWS
g) Custom Design PSP10 Clamping Cover, Aesthetic & Stop Insect Entering the PSP-501 Clamping

LEXAN THERMOCLEAR SCIR 20 mm 9X Wall Width Availability for Project

980 mm
1,250 mm
2,095 mm