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Question of Lexan Awning & Benefits to Use

  • Heat Deformation Temperature of Lexan Sheet ?
    In General, at 140 °C (284 °F), Lexan Sheet or Film will start to Deform. This is the Highest Temperature compares to other types of Transparent Plastics such as Acrylic, PET , ASA etc Melting Temperature is 260-316 °C (550-600 °F)
  • Are Lexan Solid Sheet Being offer at Exactly 6 mm when we Purchase 6 mm?
    Lexan Sheet has a Tolerance of 5% plus minus. This fall between 6.3 mm or 5.7 mm thickness. In Engineering, All Dimension will have a Tolerance SABIC, the Manufacturer of Lexan Sheet assured that all sheet are within Tolerance You will not be Short Change or Cheated in your Purchase SABIC do provide an official Declaration of Performance for their Sheet You can measure it with a Caliper Before our Installation.
  • What is ROHS in which Lexan are Compliance too?
    In 1998, the European Union discovered that alarmingly Large Amounts of Hazardous Waste were being dumped into landfill sites. This highlighted a massive, and growing, source of environmental contamination. RoHS and other environmental laws are in contrast to historical and contemporary law that seek to address only acute toxicology, that is direct exposure to large amounts of toxic substances causing severe injury or death SABIC's Operating Systems that Ensure Compliance with Safety and Environmental regulations are robust and have been strengthened over time as new science and methods become available. Our Closed Control manufacturing ensure that the Sheet that we produce are all from Lexan* Resin + Lexan* Recycled Resin. NO EXTERNAL Resin would be use in our Production of Lexan* Sheet. This would ensured NO Harmful Substance are used.
  • What Stock Available in Malaysia Currently?
    Lexan Thermoclear SCIR 10 mm 5 walls. Natural Tinted Green Lexan Thermoclear 16 mm 9x Walls. Bronze Lexan Thermoclear 10 mm Twinwall Clear for Greenhouse. Lexan Thermoclick 50 mm - Opal White ( Limited Stocks) Lexan Exell D SCIR 6 mm. Solid Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Are they the Same as Competitor who claim they used Lexan Resin?
    Competitor can " Claimed " they use Lexan Resin. However, Lexan Sheet are Technological Coated for Outdoor Application. Lexan Sheet offer Long Warranty Especially on Yellowing. There is more than 7 Benefits in Choosing Lexan sheet Instead of claimed produced from " Lexan Resin" Others Do not offer Such Similar Warranty.
  • What Thickness Polycarbonate should I use for Roof?
    Lexan Thermoclear 10 mm are Proven to offer Flatness without the Wavy Result from other Polycarbonate Roof. The Thickness works with Wind Loading Test. Thicker Lexan Thermoclear, such as 16 mm 9 Walls Bronze , which is available offer Better U Value for Lower Heat Transfer. Both offer Best Stiffness Structure for Polycarbonate Roof
  • Why is Lexan Sheet Cost More?
    Lexan Sheet are 100% Imported from Europe. It Incur more than 25% ~ 35% Import Duties + Logistic Shipping + other Imported Charges. Furthermore, Lexan are Produced with Technology such as Solar Control IR, Advance Thin 5 Walls or 9 Walls, UV Resistant Coating & It is ROHS Compliance from 3rd Party Testing House
  • Do We Need Coated Polycarbonate for Outdoor Use?
    Definately for 2 Important Reason 1) UV Ray will Degration ( Photo-Oxidation) of any Material. Some Plastics Use UV Absorber which will Degrade Over time. 2) Acid Rain will Attack the Material. Over Time, Wear & Tear will Happen thus cause Yellowing & Breakage.
  • Does Polycarbonate Block Heat?
    SABIC Innovative Plastics Multi Wall Sheet offers Heat Blocking Technology with their Advance Lexan Solar Control IR Material. It Blocks More than 30% Infra Red to Reduce Heat The Remarkable Material are Availble in their Solid Polycarbonate Sheet or Thermoclear Multi Wall Sheet Available in Malaysia is 1) Lexan Thermoclear SCIR 10 mm 5 Walls 2) Lexan Exell D SCIR 6 mm
  • How Long Does a Lexan Polycarbonate Awning Last?
    Lexan Thermoclear in Malaysia are Known to Last Long up to 25 years Dewan Sivik at Kuching, Sarawak was known to last 24 years before it was Changed. During Replacement, the Sheet was in Good Condition but there was Yellowing. Pusat Sains Negara was known to last 21 years before replacement in 2016. Right Workmanship & The Right Accesories will Ensure Long Lasting.
  • Why Choose Polytech Marketing?
    Our Team are Insanely Focus in Skylight, Awning & Glazing Installation. Competitor Can Say they are specialist but then, They start offering Auto Gate, Grille, Door , Fencing etc.
  • How Long is the Workmanship By Polytech?
    At Polytech, We take our Workmanship Seriously & Passionate. We offer 2 years Workmanship Warranty to all the Job We Signed on. This Covers Water Leaking which is alway a Major Problem in Short Period of Tiime.
  • Some Accessories is Common Type?
    Yes, there are many common Types of Accessories. Majority are made thin and short. The Public can download a guideline from SABIC or other International Brand for reference. Most Competitor Cut Corners to increase their Margins. We insist on our Recommended Design, or otherwise, we probably walk away from Cut Corners Job.
  • Why Can't Polytech offer Thinner Steel to Reduce Cost?
    Steel Such as 1" x 1" or 2' x 2" are lower in Cost but it cannot take the Weight of a Human. This is Safety Reason as many use to Step on the Awning during Air Condition Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Painting etc We offer the Best Advice and We surely Avoid such Scenario as it does not Benefits the End User in Long Run. Based on our Engineering Calculation, Min Size is 2" x 4 " for Weight Load, Wind Load & it offered the Best Looking Structure.
  • Why is the Accessories for Awning Unique in Polytech?
    Some of the Accessories we use are Custom Made by Polytech. We explore Various Condition, some are from Europe, collaborated with SABIC's Technology Team. The Design is mainly to Ensure that It Brings Benefits, Protect while Last Long upon Installation
  • What is the Best Suggested Grade for Landed Property ?
    Lexan Thermoclear SCIR 5 walls Polycarbonate Sheet is the Best Recommended for Awning at a Landed Property Benefits : Reduce Heat with U Value of 2.3 W/m²K( 10 mm 5 Walls ) or 1.77 W/m²K( 16 mm 9X Walls ) . 2 ~ 3 times Lower Het Transfer than Glass Roof Diffused the Dust (Non-Visible) Now with Easy Clean, thus Less Cleaning Light Weight and Safe Stiff and Non-Wavy like " 3 mm " Polycarbonate Non-Glaring like Glass Effect
  • Which is the Best Grade for Condominium Walkway?
    We would Suggest Lexan Thermoclear SCIR 5 walls However, if there is High Above Balcony, Open Space Area on Top, we would propose Lexan Exell D SCIR 6 mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet. Exell D SCIR 6 mm High Impact Strength will stop any Fallen Item (Flower Pot, Office Chairs, Rubbish etc) from Harming the Pedestrian. This Grade are warrant by SABIC, from Breakage, Yellowing or Turning Blur for 10 years.
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