Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet for Low Heat Skylight, Awning or Transparent Roof

Reliable Coated Polycarbonate Sheet, Lexan™ Sheet offer Proven Long Lasting (known to Last 15 ~ 25 years) and Non Yellowing Appearance

SABIC Lexan Sheet for Architecture
New Lexan™ Clear Sheet
New Lexan™ Clear Sheet

A Newly Manufactured Lexan™ Sheet at Yellow Index = 0

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10 Years Old Lexan™ Sheet
10 Years Old Lexan™ Sheet

An Aged 10 Years Old Lexan™ Sheet at Yellow Index < 2

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Competitor Uncoated Polycarbonate
Competitor Uncoated Polycarbonate

10 Years Old Competitor Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet at Yellow Index > 10

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The  Technology and Benefits of Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet in Building Application

Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet has been Widely Used in the Building & Construction Industry. It Used Widely as Roofing, Cladding, and Glazing Applications for over 50 years.


Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet allows for Awnings Natural Daylight to Enter into a Building.

This Offers a More Comfortable and Productive Working or Living Environment.


Allowing Natural Daylight into a Building Saves or Reduce on (Electrical) Energy Costs for Artificial Lighting.

Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet also offers the Possibility to Combine Natural Daylight Transmission with Excellent Thermal Insulation through the Multi-Layer Configuration of the Sheets.

Lexan Sheet is Durable and Last Long. It has known to Last for Up to 24 Years ( A Project in Malaysia )

General Application with Lexan Sheet. Residential or Commercial

  • Awning

  • Skylights

  • Polycarbonate Awning Roof

  • Walkway

  • Glazing Roof

  • Greenhouse

  • Counter Screen

  • Cough Shield

  • Polycarbonate Roof

  • Windows with Hard Coated Lexan

  • Car Porch Awning

  • Facade

  • Divider Partition

  • Furniture Partition

  • Sneeze Guard

  • Separation Screen

Lexan Solar Control IR ( SCIR ) Polycarbonate Sheet Redefines Heat-Management Glazing

SABIC Lexan Solar Control IR, Materials Technology are Transparent with a Light Green Tint. It Blocks Near Infra-Red Heat But Let's in High Level of Natural Day Light to your Home

Developed by SABIC, Our Proprietary SCIR Material Technology is used to Manage Heat instead of Fragile Coating which is Higher in Cost.

Technology is Inherent to the Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet, which is Permanent.

Lexan Sheet is UV Protected Both Sides, which can Reduce Losses due to Installation Errors.

‡ Low-emission glass (Low-E) is a clear glass that has been coated with a microscopically-thin coating of metal oxide
* Measurement is performed according to ISO 9050 (NEN - EN410)

Light Transmission (LT)

Solar Transmission (ST) - Lower is Better

Light to Solar Gain Ratio (LSGR)

Shading Coefficient (SC) - Lower is Better

Lexan Thermoclear™ SC IR 5 Walls( 5 Layers with 4 Air Gap )

Lexan Thermoclear SC IR 10 mm 5 walls for House Awnings

Launch in Malaysia on the Year 2014, Lexan™ Thermoclear™ 5 walls ( 5 Layers, 4 Air Gap) have offer Malaysian a New High Insulation Skylights or Awning that Offer More Comfort with the Low U‑Value of 2.3 W/m² K *. Air is a Slow Conductor which Helps Reduce the Heat Transfer 

* - U value is a measure of Heat Transfer. It is expressed in W/m² K.
It shows the amount of Heat Transfer in watts (W) per square meter of material

Lexan Thermoclear™ 16 mm 9 Walls ( 9 Layers with 8 Air Gaps )

Launch in Malaysia in the Year 2018, Lexan™ Thermoclear 9 Walls ( 9 Layers, 8 Air Gap) offer Malaysian The Best High Insulation Skylights or Awning that Offer More Comfort with the Low U‑Value of 1.77 W/m² K *. Air is a Slow Conductor which Helps Reduce the Heat Transfer 

The Multi-Layer Lexan™ Sheet offers Low Visibility or Diffusion against Dust and Dirt while allowing High Light Transmission into the Home. Available in Bronze Color


This Remarbale Design can be Installed in Longer Span with Flat Surface which will not Sag Easily.

Available from Polytech Marketing are Lexan™ Thermoclear™ 16 mm 9 Walls Bronze. Without Any Doubt, Lexan Thermoclear is the Best Material for Polycarbonate Awning in Malaysia.

* - U value is a measure of Heat Transfer. It is expressed in W/m² K.
It shows the amount of Heat Transfer in watts (W) per square meter of material

Lexan Thermoclear 16 mm 9 walls Bronze

Lexan™ Exell D Solar Control IR, Solid Polycarbonate Sheet. Unusually High Impact Strength and Toughness

6 mm Lexan™ Sheets can withstand the Impact Force of an Axe. 

Best Use as a Walkway Skylight, it will Protect Pedestrian Safety in the event that there is an Item that drops from High-rise Building or Condominium benefits from Long Lasting Walkway Investment 

Comes with a Light Tinted Green Natural Color, it acts as a Diffuser to Reduce Dust Visibility and Less Heat. As The Best Awning Supplier in Selangor, We always offer the Best Selection of Material.

New Lexan™ Extrite™ SCIR offers 15 Year Warranty for Outdoor.

Lexan Exell D SC IR Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Best Benefits for

  • Pedestrian Walkway 

  • Condominium Walkway

  • Covered Walkway

  • Covered Footpath

  • Protected Corridor

  • Staircase Skylight

  • Stairwell Skylight

  • Stair Skylight

  • Roof Access Skylight

More than 9 Benefits with Lexan Sheet !!!

  • SABIC offers 10 years warranty on Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Series ( Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet) and Lexan™ Exell D SC IR ( Solid Polycarbonate Sheet)  for the Below Condition

  1. Excessive Yellowing to a Certain Yellow Index ( No Drastic Color Change )

  2. Loss of Impact Strength through Weathering

  3. Loss of Light Transmission

  • All Lexan™ sheets are meet the below International Safety Requirement

  1. ROHS, The Only Certified Non-Harmful Polycarbonate Roof Sheet in Malaysia

  2. REACH, Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals
  3. UL-94 Rating, For Lexan™ Solid Sheets
  • Light Weight & Safe

  • Solar Control IR Material Technology to Block 30% ~ 40% Infra-Red that Built-Up Heat
  • Low U-Value Technology ( Heat Transfer) that offer Low Heat Transfer from the Top
  • All Lexan™ Sheet is 100% Recyclable.

  • Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet will Stop Burning in < 60 second
  • Less Mosquito & Healthier Lifestyle from Plenty of Natural Daylight.​
  • Energy Saving with Less Heat from Transparent Lexan™ Polycarbonate Awning
  • Long-Lasting for 15~30 Years vs Competitor Polycarbonate
ROHS Compliant for Lexan Sheet Roof Application