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Lexan Thermoclear Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse

Low Cost, High Yield, Better Qualities Crop, and High Output. Controlled Environment for Stabil Result of Quality Crops

SABIC Lexan Sheet for Greenhouse Application

Lightweight Material with Diffusion of Natural Light & Low U Value

Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Widely uses for Farming or Agriculture Industries Globally. The Multiwall Sheet offers Lower Heat Insulation with Hollow Structure thus resulted in Low U Value.

Owners can avoid Extreme Heat to the Plants and Crops while Reducing the Damage from Heavy Rain or Extreme Storm Conditions.

The Tough Greenhouse can Further Protect the Plants from Pets, Pest, or Diseases.

Lexan™ Thermoclear™ 10 mm Clear is Safe & Lightweight, at 1.7 kg/ m² and able to Reduce the Risk of Breakage from Wind, Hail Storm, or other Extreme Weather.

Advantages of Greenhouse with Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Material Technology

  • High Light Transmission for Photosynthesis

  • Long-Lasting from It's Advanced Coated Surface

  • Lightweight & High Stiffness ( Flat at All-Time)

  • Shatter Resistant

  • Better Insulation and Controlled Temperature

  • UV Coated from Acid Rain Attack

  • Safe ROHS Material to Prevent Harmful Chemical from the Polycarbonate

  • Diffusion Technology Available with Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Softlite™

  • Technology Dripgard Coating to prevent Condensation Droplet

  • Non-Flammable Material

  • Excellent Control Environment for High Yield

Lexan Thermoclear 10 mm Twin Wall.jpg

Lexan Thermoclear™ 10 mm Twin Wall - Clear for Greenhouse

Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Twin Walls Polycarbonate offers High Light Transmission to Enhance Faster Growing to the Plant, Controlled Environment, and Prevent Loss of Yield by Insect.

This Material offers Better Insulation Properties than Glass Greenhouse with it's lower U Value @ 3.02 W/m² K. Furthermore, the Control Temperature will be less Drastic and Promote Healthy Growth.

Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Softlite™  with Advance Dripgard Coating for Greenhouse

100% Light Diffusion Technology with Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Softlite™ to Enhance the Sun Light. Diffused Light offers Light Penetration to Wide Area, reaching Lower Area of the Plant. It offers more than 81% Light Transmission for Increase Photosynthesis and Reduces "Rainbow" or "Arc" Effect of the Direct Sunlight into the Greenhouse. Interference to the Growth of the Crop may Happen from Such Effects.

Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Softlite™ Evenly Distribute Light, Eliminating Hot Spots, Shadows, and Burned Leaf.

Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Softlite™ from Polytech Marketing comes with Dripgard. Dripgard Coating on the Inner Surface of Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Softlite™ Allows the Water Droplet from the Condensation to Glide on the Side of the Sheet. The Water Droplets thus will not Drip onto the Crops or Plants in the Greenhouse. This Acts like an Anti Drip Condition for the Greenhouse.

Avoiding the Droplet to the Plants will Prevent Growth of Fungal Spore, Mold, or Some Bacteria Diseases. 

Furthermore, Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Softlite™  with Dripgard Coating, Reduces the Formation of Condensation, Ensuring Light are not blocked by the Condensation Droplet. More Light will Ensure More Production.

Research Carried Out by Wageningen UR Greenhouse resulted in More than 8% increased in Yield.


More than 9 Benefits with Lexan Sheet !!!

  • SABIC offers 10 years warranty on Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Series  for the Below Condition

  1. Excessive Yellowing to a Certain Yellow Index ( No Drastic Color Change )

  2. Loss of Impact Strength through Weathering

  3. Loss of Light Transmission

  • All Lexan™ sheets are meet the below International Safety Requirement

  1. ROHS, The Only Certified Non-Harmful Polycarbonate Roof Sheet in Malaysia

  2. REACH, Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemical
  • Light Weight & Safe

  • Low U-Value Technology ( Heat Transfer) that offer Low Heat Transfer from the Top
  • All Lexan™ Sheet is 100% Recyclable.

  • Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet is Self Extinguish thus does not assist Burning.
  • ​Energy Saving with Less Heat from Transparent Lexan™ Polycarbonate Awning
  • Long-Lasting for vs Competitor Polycarbonate
ROHS Compliant for Lexan Sheet Roof Application
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