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More Lexan Polycarbonate Literature and Case Studies. Application Examples and Advantages

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Get more Detail here for the Right Investment and Worry Free Years to come.

Polytech Marketing has been focusing on on the Best Polycarbonate Roof for our client.

As out Team Continue to Improve, We offer many Solutions to enable the Skylights that we Design and Built Last a Long Time

Lexan Roof are known to Last Between more than 15 years ( Up to 25 Years ) depending on the Workmanship of the Installer.

PhotoBooks of Lexan Sheet Application Worldwide

Photos Examples of Skylights, Awning and Stadiums with Lexan Sheets at Many Countries Across the World

Lexan Thermoclear Yellowing Resistant

The Coating Technology that prevent Lexan Multiwall Sheet from Degrading from Weathering

Lexan Thermoclear ROHS 3rd Party Test Report

The only Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet in Malaysia that are Certified ROHS Compliant. Tested on the Sheet Itself

Amsterdam Arena with Lexan Multiwall Sheet and Exell D SC IR

Solar Control IR at Armsterdam Arena

SABIC Lexan Architecture Brochure

Architectural Flyers with Benefit usage of Lexan Sheet Wide Application.

Lexan Thermoclear Easy Clean at Chongqing Stadium

Easy Clean Technology in China Chongqing Stadium

Case Study Cancun Hotel with Exell D SC IR

The Lexan Exell D sheet’s durability was proved against Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

Lexan Solar Control IR Sheet Flyers that Helps Blocks 40% of Infra Red

Material Technology that reduce the 40% of Infra Red Wavelength thus reduce Heat Build Up

Lexan Exell D Solid Polycarbonate ROHS 3rd Party Test Report

SGS 3rd Party Report of Lexan Solid Polycarbonate Sheet. This Test was performed on the Final Sheet Itself

Lexan Sheet Portfolio in Chinese Version

SABIC Wide Range of Long Lasting Lexan Sheet Profile in Chinese Version

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