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Lexan™ Thermoclick™ Polycarbonate Sheet System. Seamless Vertical Glazing

Profile-Free Translucent Facade System. Interlocking with Less Requirement for Profiles and Seamless Curtain Wall.

Lexan™ Thermoclick™ Sheet System is Best used for Profile-Free Facade Applications.

The High Stiffness allow Lexan™ Thermoclick™ to be Assembled Seamlessly without the Need for External Structure

The Light Weight Require Minimum Workers to Assembly and can be completed in Short Period of Time 

They are made up of 50 mm, UV-protected, Polycarbonate Multi-wall Sheet Panels with a Profiled Tongue and Groove Connection. This Interlocking System Eliminates the Need for Vertical Profiles, Saving Money and Enhancing Aesthetics as a Result. 


  • Building Facades and Cladding
  • Interior Separation Walls 
  • Wall Panel
  • Wall Partition
  • LED Light Up Wall
  • Curtain Wall


  • Easy, Simple and Fast Installation

  • Excellent Energy Efficiency

  • Lightweight Polycarbonate

  • Exceptional Rigidity and Thermal Insulation (U Value @ 1.0)

  • 10-year Limited Warranty

Gallery of Lexan™ Thermoclick™ Application Across the Globe

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