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Lexan Sheet Amazing Promotional Video Introduction & Application

Amazing Application Examples of Lexan™ Sheet Globally

Man Reached the Moon in 1969 and Look at The Earth through Lexan™  (Bubble Helmet , NASA )

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet was Discover in 1953 and use in Various Industries

  • Polycarbonate Roof - Coated Lexan Sheet, Transparent, Impact Resistant, Light

  • Helmet - Impact Resistant, High Safety Requirement

  • Aircraft, Train & Buses - Light, Safety, Non-Burning, Special Non-Toxic Grade

  • Electronic Accessory - Mobile Phone, Walkie Talkie, Impact Resistant

  • Heat Insulation - Lexan Film for LCD TV, Power Supply, High Heat Resistant

  • Security Film - Lexan EID for Passport, Identity Card, Security High-Temperature Labels

Stadiums Worldwide with Lexan Multiwall Sheet . Light , Durable, Long Lasting

Solar Control IR Material Technology.

Blocks 30% of Infra-Red Region Wavelength. Best for Awning and Car Porch Covers

Video SCIR

Impact Resistant with Lexan 6 mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet. Best for Walkway 

New Lexan™ Extrite™ Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Outdoor with 15 Years Warranty
Lexan Easy Clean

Lexan Sheet Technology Performance in Aircraft

LEXAN is a trademark of SABIC.
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Stiffness & Loading Test Comparison for Polycarbonate Awning
Solid Sheet vs Multiwall Sheet 
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