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​LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ PLUS 16 mm 9x Wall Bronze Polycarbonate for Awning

SABIC Lexan Sheet for Architecture

UV Resistant Coated, Durable & Lightweight @2.5 kg/m² Multi-Wall Sheet

Lexan Thermoclear 16 mm 9 walls Bronze

Lexan Thermoclear™ 16 mm 9 Walls ( 9 Layers with 8 Air Gaps )

Launch in Malaysia in the Year 2018, Lexan™ Thermoclear 9 Walls ( 9 Layers, 8 Air Gap) offer Malaysian The Best High Insulation Skylights or Awning that Offer More Comfort with the Low U‑Value of 1.77 W/m² K *. Air is a Slow Conductor which Helps Reduce the Heat Transfer 

The Multi-Layer Lexan™ Sheet offers Low Visibility or Diffusion against Dust and Dirt while allowing High Light Transmission into the Home. Available in Bronze Color

This Remarkable product can be Installed in Longer Span with a Flat Surface that will Not Sag Easily.

Lexan™ Thermoclear 9 Walls are Imported to Malaysia and Produced in Austria, Europe. Please Refer to Below Video

Available from Polytech Marketing are Lexan™ Thermoclear™ 16 mm 9 Walls Bronze. Without Any Doubt, Lexan Thermoclear is the Best Material for Polycarbonate Awning in Malaysia.

* - U value is a measure of Heat Transfer. It is expressed in W/m² K.
It shows the amount of Heat Transfer in watts (W) per square meter of material

Installation Guide Lexan Thermoclear™ 16 mm 9 Walls

This Calculation is for Maximum Building Height Up to 100 meters ( 328 feet)
Wind Loading based on 1000 N/m², Maximum Strong Wind & Storm Level

For Higher Building Please contact us for a Wind Loading Calculation

Size of Square Metal Structure, Supporting All 4 Side, 2 Side Clamping

= 980 mm width x 1,470 mm length.

The Above is the Maximum Size & No Sagging / Wavy Appearance
The 16 mm 9X Wall Polycarbonate Sheet Remain Flat

If the Structural Size goes Beyond the Recommended Size, The Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet Will Sag & Wind Loading will Fail

Important Accessories to Enable Warranty from SABIC

a) Advanced Anti Dust Tape:
- to Allow Condensation Water to Flow Out
- Prevent Dust or Insects from Entering the MWS
- thus No Algae or Moss will Grow
b) Custom Design Anti Dust Tape Capping to Protect & Prolong the Life of Anti Dust Tape. Available in Malaysia
- PSP16 ( for 16 mm MWS )
c) Weatherable Tape, to Prevent Water Sipping into the Anti Dust Tape Capping
d) Custom Design PSP501 Clamping. Width Designed for Good Clamping
e) Custom Design PSP502 / 504 Cover Clamping.
- Cover of Assembly Screws for Aesthetic
- Reduce Water Sipping through Screw Holes
f) Custom Design PSP503 Rubber Profile. Long-Lasting Rubber for Clamping MWS
g) Custom Design PSP510 Clamping Cover, Aesthetic & Stop Insect Entering the PSP-50x Series Clamping

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ Sheet passed B-s1,d0 against EN-13501-1

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