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Advance Safe & Security Windows or Door. Break Impact Resistant Technology

Custom Design, Tinted Color & Comes with Infra Red Block to Reduce Heat Built Up

Samples Application for Security

  • Impact Resistant Windows

  • Hospital Window ( Un-Breakable)

  • Home Security Windows

  • Security Doors & Window

  • Residential Window Near Golf Course

  • Burglar Proof Window

  • Security Laminated Window

  • Double Glass Window

  • Child Care Center

  • Mental Hospital Window

  • Chemical Resistant Window

  • Typhoon Resistant Folding Door

Living the Luxury Environment Next to a Golf Club offers Best Experience

With Safety as the most Important Part, Property Damage are sometime Unavoidable.

Polytech Marketing offers Great  Design and Workmanship to the Windows & Door Panels using the Best Technology of Glass Replacement.


The New " Glass " are made with Hard Coated Polycarbonate Lexan Sheet Material thus prevent Scratches in Long Run.

Adding Low U Value, will Benefits the Resident from Heat Transfer into the Home or Cold Temperature Lost.

The Best Impact Resistant can Stop a Golf Ball that may Hurt your Family Members.

Click on This Link for Impact Resistant Demo

Additional Value is Storm Resistant which Damage the Property.

Click on the Image Below for Better Understanding.

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